More Sights and Hotels of Lindos, Greece

Lindos, the jewel of the island of Rhodes, which is located on the southern end of the island and near the Turkish coast, is hub of the thousands of adventure-seeking, thrill-hungry travelers that come across the island. In addition to this, the island is one of the most popular vacation spots in Greece and in the Mediterranean. In fact, the high times of the year for the numbers of travelers, is from the months of March and October.

This is also true for the other resort towns on the island, such as Faliraki, Lindos and of course the old town of Rhodes, which gets their fair share of tourism. In these towns, you will not find any goat herds or fishing villages, as most are on the nearby islands that surround Rhodes. Lindos has restaurants of many ethnicities, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers and markets, where you relax or buy the things that you want. You should, at least, take with you, a small souvenir to show you friends and family back home. Also, while in or near Lindos, try going water or wind surfing, if you are a water sport lover or just want to try these activities for the first time. The beaches that surround Lindos are as fine as the Greek vintage wine that is served in many of the resort’s restaurants.

In speaking of the beachside of Lindos, there are rows of beach houses and hotels that are similar to the ones in Santa Monica or Venice Beach, California-but only more vibrant and colorful. Generally speaking, the beach houses shine in the Mediterranean sun, which gives the colorful trappings of the hotels, even more colorful appearance.If you do not want to be close to the beachside, there are hotels that are located, in the southern part of Lindos. These Lindos hotels [] complexes are nearly of the same quality and style as the ones on the beachside and they are less noisy as well. Simply put, more privacy, less noise and nearly no clear view of the sea.

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